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Manimal Suite, 2018


Three men manage their expenditures and attempt to get current in a post-performance discussion. 


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he's one of us, 2017

A dance theater response to the question "Why Citizenship"

We came on a slave ship, we came on a military vessel, we crocheted bedspreads, we died in war, we learned to play the piano, we got free, we bought a house, we bought a seat at the conference, we networked, we had kids, we danced, we made a show.

Commissioned by Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Fog Beast Change--photo Jessica Swanson-4.jpg

CHANGE, 2015

Made in collaboration with Climate Scientist Dr. Andrew Jones, CHANGE charts the scientific, emotional and movement trajectories of humans and animals in a warming world. 

FogBeast @ YBCA Forum-19.jpg

Comb Your Here, 2014

The strands of the moment are organized in an world of over busy schedules.