Fog Beast is dedicated to the transmission of movement practices and live art ideas to performers of all ages. Our teachings are steeped in personal exploration, kinetic movements and deep listening. From teaching residencies to choreographic commissions, Fog Beast’s educational offerings widen student’s artistic pallet and expand the realm of what is possible.

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** All classes can be tailored with age appropriateness and difficulty level to be suited to the needs of any particular student base.

Modern Technique

A grounded approach to dynamic, full-bodied movement. This class is informed by somatic practices, martial arts, modern dance and innate animal tendencies. Dancers will find themselves right side up, upside down, balanced on a limb, swinging on the music…. all the while falling in and out of control.


This class creates a world where the language of touch is spoken fluently and comfortably. From a base of autonomy and consent, we practice listening, attuning and entraining to other bodies. Students are guided with helpful hints toward easy weight sharing and assisted flight. We create partnering that is at once intricate and expansive, known and unknown.

Fog Breadth

This class facilitates the composition and decomposition of cross-disciplinary dance based performance. In a laboratory of freedom, we create timescapes of sound, movement, speaking and storytelling. We improvise, choreograph, let ideas unfold, witness each other and talk about what we are doing.

Somatic Beast

This class guides students to the simple experiencing of their own physicality in calm detail. We work alone and in partnerships, in and out of touch. These practices can serve as recuperation from a heady world, a way to tune our listening to more subtle currents, a way to learn anatomy through experiencing it, possibly bringing more fullness and aliveness to our dancing and living. Click here for more information.

Recent Teaching Engagements

Yerba Buarna Center for the Arts
University of San Francisco
Motion Pacific
Nueva School For The Arts
The Movement Lab (formerly Studio Gray)
Bentley School
Art Quest at Santa Rosa High School
Berkeley High School

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